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Sat Jul 10, 2021 2:37 pm
This is the second day of my holiday in Pulau Tioman , Pahang! I've never been here before, so im really exciteed! Razz Yesterday we visited the Tioman Marine Park we went snorkeling and this is my first experience seeing the fish's close-up. Surprised We also visit the Marine Park Information Centre. It just an information center about marine life in this part of the world. Wink . That's was very exciting because i can see many spesies of coral there!.

               Today we visit the Juara Turtle Hatchery. sunny  There was many visitor cause this is the highlight of a trip here. We find a huge range of species here as well as turtle eggs that are ready to be released into the wild. Razz We've still got lots of things to do! We haven't been to Paya Beach or A Riverside Cafe yet. I hope we'll have time to go there tomorrow because it's our last day Crying or Very sad
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